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12 Feb. 2017

Saepe non et irure e<

It was founded in 1907 by Nils Hansson Lerum and his wife Kari Hansdotter Ørbech as a small store in Sørheim, Luster.[2][3] Since many in the rural community paid with raspberries, they started production of juice in a small factory in 1909.[2] By 1918, the factory was producing tens of thousands of liters of juice and kilograms of jam.[2] In 1919, production was moved to Sogndal.[2] Coincident with this move, a company was formed as A/S NH Lerums Saftfabrikk.[2] Lerum, which still is family-owned, now consists of two subdivisions, Lerum Konserves and Lerum Fabrikker. Lerum had an arrangement which ended in 1998 to produce Pepsi products, thereafter opting to produce their own products.[1] In 2006, Lerum joined other drink manufacturers who were adding sugar-free alternatives, in their case opting for sucralose as a sugar alternative.[1] As of 2009, the company's products were sold almost exclusively in Norway